Glidewell Dental Sign Up Flow

Glidewell Dental


User Experience Designer


The customer onboarding process for Glidewell Dental was, at times, very analog: After submitting what looked like a sign up form on the website, a representative from the company needed to verify and vette the customer through a phone call before they could begin doing business with Glidewell. This entire process could take under an hour at best, and up to a day at worst.

As part of the rebranding effort of Glidewell Dental, we looked into how we could streamline the process and move it all digital so that at the end of the process, the customer would have access to what they needed and knew what their next steps were to begin using Glidewell.


After having numerous conversations with personnel and teams in the company to understand business restrictions, I created a flow chart to better illustrate what the new sign up process would need to be. The visualization was well-received as it helped make sure everyone was on the same page when it came to understanding all of the moving parts required for the sign up process.

Flow Chart